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Advocating Science, Science Education, and Crititcal Thinking.

We are a bunch of scientific skeptics who gather monthly at a downtown Seattle pub (and elsewhere) and have topic-driven talks about science, pseudoscience, critical thinking- or maybe we'll invite a controversial speaker to challenge our assumptions.

Month to month, we try to keep science interesting, relevant and fun!

Did you know that not a single psychic or paranormal event has ever been reproduced under controlled conditions? Have you ever wondered about the effectiveness of alternative medicine such as faith healing, reiki, or sports bracelets? How can a horoscope be right for someone in Idaho as well as someone in Dafur? Does "9/11 was an inside job" hold up under close examination?

The Seattle Skeptics are focused on lively discussions, debates, and the examination of the paranormal, alternative medicine, superstitions, and anything else that hasn't held up to the light of the scientific method.

While all are welcome, this group was created for those who require a higher bar of evidence than gut feelings or belief. We're not contrarians or cynics- we just want to see the evidence.

You should too! Find out more on our meetup group!